The Evolution Of Motherhood In Pictures 1900-2017

Mother breastfeeding baby, 1900

motherhood in 1900

Mother & child, 1910s

Mother & baby in the stylish pram


Vivien Leigh & her daughter, 1930s


Queen Elizabeth & her son Charles, 1940s
Elizabeth Taylor & her son, 1950s


Brigitte Bardot & her son, 1960s

Audrey Hepburn & her son Luca, 1970s

Goldie Hawn & her daughter Kate Hudson, 1980s

Whitney Houston & her daughter, 1990s

Madonna & daughter Lourdes, 2000

India Hicks & her son, 2009

Kate Hudson & her son, 2000

Airzona muse with son Niko, 2011m Vogue

Angelina Jolie with kids, captured by Brad Pitt, 2013

Nicole Kidman & her daughter in Harper Bazaar, 2013

Mother & child in nature

Mother reading for her son

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