About us

Dear Pregnant Ladies,

This store is designed to make your 9 months more relaxed and beautiful. The main aim of this small family business is to provide all maternity essentials in one place so you can save time shopping around and enjoy your waiting period as well as prepare for the Big Day!

    There are so much information in these days on what to expect when you expecting: what things to buy before your due date, what are the essentials for your pregnancy wardrobe not forgetting we still want to feel comfortable as well as attractive and stylish!

    Maternity Essentialss shop is designed to make ALL pregnant women 9 months comfortable and fashionable. The budget is a VERY important part of making the decision on what clothes to buy. Because of that, most of the clothes offered in this shop is a flexible fit for BEFORE, during and AFTER pregnancy so you can use it after your baby is born!

    Ah, have I mentioned that shipping worldwide is completely FREE? 

    I wish you all a peaceful and stylish waiting period. Hope this shop will ease your blissful journey to a new life chapter!

    Sharing my Precious Waiting Moment... 

      Me being pregnant